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1-1 Training

Be Committed!

Bespoke Personal training sessions in Leicestershire that are  specifically designed to help you achieve your fitness goals, motivate and inspire you.

Personal training doesn't mean that you have to work out in the gym. With a a Personal trainer you can exercise at home, work or outdoors.

One 2 One

6:30-9am 60 min PAYG £35

6:30-9am 60 min BLOCK of 10 £300


9-3pm 60 min PAYG  £30

9-3pm 60 min BLOCK of 10 £250

3-10pm 60 min PAYG £35

3-10pm 60 min BLOCK £300


Small Group

Train with friends

Make your training session truly personal and also more fun when you work out with friends and burn away the stresses of the day. Small group sessions of 2's, 3's or 4's can be the perfect way to get fit whilst having fun. If one on one training isn't for you then book a small group session so you and your friends can get into shape together. If you feel more comfortable training with a more social element, this option is for you.

2 People £40

3 People £45

4 People £50



Online Training

A busy lifestyle can make it hard to commit to training especially travelling to and from the gym or classes.

Why not try our online training through Skype and train in your own environment at times that are convenient for you.

Even if you would rather be anonymous, we can devise a plan based on your fitness goals or weight loss requirements and tailor a plan and training exercises to suit your personal needs.



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